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Vehicle Entry Requirements

This is what your Vehicle needs to enter one of our events, It may seem complicated but it really isn’t.

It’s all basic stuff to ensure you have a safe, fun day on the track If you’re unsure just email us and we can help you out.

– All Vehicles to have a current Warrant of Fitness and Registration, or
– Have a Motorsport New Zealand Log Book, or
– Vehicles not meeting either of the above requirements may still be permitted to enter at the sole discretion of the Event Manager ( Email Us )

Open Top Requirements

  • Open Top Vehicles are required to have a Rollbar fitted
  • This must have clearance from the top of the driver’s helmet when seated to a line directly from the top of the rollbar to the top of the windscreen.
  • A non-homologated rollbar is permitted provided it is of suitable construction and the vehicle has a current WOF and Registration.
  • If the vehicle is not road registered the rollbar must be Homologated by Motorsport NZ.
  • Fitting of a Hardtop has no bearing on this rule, you still need to meet the clearance to the rollbar with a hardtop on.
  • Vehicles with Targa Tops are permitted but the removable tops must remain fitted at all times.

This is a Good example of what is required.

This is an example of the rollbar having insufficient clearance , this Will Not be accepted.

Fire Extinguisher Requirements

  • All Vehicles to be fitted with a 1kg ( minimum ) Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher, within reach of the driver’s seated position
  • Extinguishers to have a Metal Mounting Bracket with Two (2) x Metal Straps
  • Mounting Brackets to be securely fastened to the vehicle with a minimum of two(2)  ISO 8.8 M6 bolts with panel washers and Nylok Nuts.

The requirement to fit a Fire Extinguisher May be waived in certain cases, This will be at the sole discretion of the Event Manager, ie. Luxury / Exotic Vehicles. (You must check with us in advance )

Tyre Requirements

  • All Vehicles are to have Tyres with a minimum of 1.5mm Tread Depth across a minimum of 3/4 of the tread width.
  • DOT Rated Semi-Slick Tyres are acceptable.
  • NO Full Slicks will be allowed except at the discretion of the Event Manager.

Vehicle Safety Check

All Vehicles are to comply with the 95-decibel trackside noise limit – No Exceptions!

All Vehicles will be subject to a Pre-Event Safety Check comprising the following…

  • Seat mounts Secure
  • Steering Wheel Secure and No Play
  • Seatbelts Secure and Functioning as Designed
  • Firewall Complete with no Holes
  • Throttle Return Spring is Functioning
  • Battery Positive terminal is covered
  • Battery is Securely Mounted
  • Helmet and Overalls
  • Vehicle is clear of loose items

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