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General Terms

1. Refund Policy:

We DO NOT offer Refunds , if you are unable to make an event you have paid for please Contact Us.

Terms for Membership Discounts – These may only be used to make purchases for the registered member , discounts can not be used to purchase event entries for others.

Christchurch Trackdays reserves the right to refuse further participation to any person not acting within the rules of the event , or acting in any manner which is detrimental to other participants.

Vehicle Entry Requirements

2. Indemnity

I have read and understood the rules and requirements for Christchurch Trackdays Events, and In consideration of the acceptance of this entry and of my being permitted to take part in the Event/s detailed, I agree not to pursue claims against and (severally) to hold harmless, indemnify and keep indemnified Christchurch Trackdays Ltd , event organisers and promoters, race circuit owners, providers and operators, owners and tenants of private property (including land, buildings and/or fixtures, fittings and chattels) traversed, or proximate to events, officials, fellow event entrants , and the directors, officers, servants, representatives and agents of those entities (all together “the Indemnified Parties”) in relation to all losses, actions, expenses, costs, liabilities, claims and demands in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to persons or property of myself, and/or my team (including drivers, co-drivers, passengers, management and/or mechanics) whatsoever, caused or arising out of or in connection with this entry or taking part in the events to which this entry relates, notwithstanding that such death, injury, loss or damage may have been contributed to or caused by the negligence of any of the Indemnified Parties and/or by any other person. This provision confers a benefit on, and is intended to be enforceable by, each of the Indemnified Parties (in accordance with the Contracts (Privity) Act 1982).

3. Ability to Control a Vehicle Declaration by Driver:

I declare that should I at the time of any event this entry form relates to be suffering from any disability of any kind whether permanent or temporary which is likely to detrimentally affect my control of my automobile or my fitness to drive, I will not participate.

4. Conformance with Vehicle Requirements:

I declare the vehicle detailed on this entry form meets the minimum requirements set down by Christchurch Trackdays Ltd and agree to an inspection to confirm this should it be required.

5. Rights To Media:

I grant Christchurch Trackdays Ltd and its nominated media partners full use of any images or video of myself or my vehicle/s captured at this event. and its nominated media partners full use of any images or video of myself or my vehicle/s captured at this event.

6. Government Restrictions:

I Agree to comply with any government restrictions in force at the time of the event.