This is what your Vehicle needs to enter one of our events , It may seem complicated but it really isn’t.

It’s all basic stuff to ensure you have a safe , fun day on the track , If you’re unsure just email us and we can help you out.

– All Vehicles to have a current Warrant of Fitness and Registration , or

– Have a Motorsport New Zealand Log Book , or

– Vehicles not meeting either of the above requirements may still be permitted to enter at the sole descretion of the Event Manager ( Email Us )

Open Top Vehicles are required to have a Rollbar fitted
– This must have 50mm clearance from the top of the drivers helmet when seated to a line directly from the top of the rollbar to the top of the windscreen.
– A non-homologated rollbar is permitted provided it is of suitable construction and the vehicle has a current WOF and Registration.
– If the vehicle is not road registered the rollbar must be Homologated by Motorsport NZ.
– Fitting of a Hardtop has no bearing on this rule , you still need to meet the clearance to the rollbar with a hardtop on.

– Vehicles with Targa Tops are permitted but the removable tops must remain fitted at all times.

This is a Good example of what is required.

This is an example of the rollbar having insufficient clearance , this Will Not be accepted.


All Vehicles to be fitted with a 1kg ( minimum ) Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher , within reach of the drivers seated position

– Extinguishers to have a Metal Mounting Bracket with Two (2) x Metal Straps

– Mounting Brackets to be securely fastened to the vehicle with a minimum of two(2)  ISO 8.8 M6 bolts with panel washers and Nylok Nuts.

The requirement to fit a Fire Extinguisher May be waived in certain cases , This will be at the sole discretion of the Event Manager , ie. Luxury / Exotic Vehicles.( You must check with us in advance )


– All Vehicles are to have Tyres with a minimum of 1.5mm Tread Depth across a minimum of 3/4 of the tread width.

– DOT Rated Semi-Slick Tyres are acceptable.

– NO Full Slicks will be allowed except at the discretion of the Event Manager.


All Vehicles are to comply with the 95 decibel track side noise limit – No Exceptions !


All Vehicles will be subject to a Pre-Event Safety Check comprising the following…


– Seat mounts Secure

– Steering Wheel Secure and No Play

– Seatbelts Secure and Functioning as Designed

– Firewall Complete with no Holes

– Throttle Return Spring is Functioning

– Battery Positive terminal is covered

– Battery is Securely Mounted

– Helmet and Overalls

– Vehicle is clear of loose items