Our Trackdays are relaxed events , the rules are there to give you  maximum enjoyment and to keep everyone safe.

General Rules.

  • This is not a public event , you as an entrant are responsible for any helpers / friends you bring along , please make them aware   of the rules.
  • No drugs or alcohol ( no warnings will be given and you will be asked to leave )
  • No Smoking in or near the pit area ( this is a serious safety issue ) smoking is allowed in the paved area below the control tower and the grassed area beside the control tower only.
  • Please drive respectfully at all times and keep your speed to 20kph max in the pit area , it is our good reputation that allows us to hold these events with minimal fuss.
  • Please leave the pit area as you found it , dont leave your rubbish lying around.
  • Please follow the instructions of event officials.
  • If theres a problem let an official know. – Last of all respect other participants , enjoy your day and Have Fun!

Track Rules.

  • NO PASSENGERS , unless approved ( Cars with full rollcage and safety equipment ) , any passengers in these vehicles are to sign the passenger indemnity before each session.
  • TAKE YOUR TIME , get used to your car and gradually build up as you become familiar , Its not a race and there are no prizes for fastest.
  • NO passing under brakes or on corners , all passing to be done in the marked passing zones ( red )Passing Zones
  • If a faster car is continually behind you slow down in a passing zone and allow them to pass.
  • If you have a problem get off the course if you can ( we will come and assist you )
  • If you have a Fire try your best with your extinguisher and we will get to you ASAP , if you see someone stopped with a fire , stop and assist.
  • A recovery vehicle will be stationed at the pit exit with Fire extinguishers , First Aid and tow rope for recovery. ( this is only to be used by event officials )