Frequently Asked Questions

So you’ve read the Driver and Vehicle Requirement’s and still have Questions ? Read here first before emailing us , you might just find your answer.

How do I find out when the next Trackday is ?

Easy – Add yourself to our mailing list – CLICK HERE

Whats the Speed Limit ?

– There really isn’t one , so long as you can brake in time to safely go around the corner then you’re free to go as fast as you can. It’s not uncommon for people to reach 220km/h + down the front straight.

Can I Drift ? 

NO – Sorry our events are for Grip Driving Only !!  , If you wish to Drift check out ..

Street Meat  or  Drift South

Can I bring my Drift Car ?

Yes , but you need to follow our rules , any drifting and you will be black flagged and given 1 warning only !

Can I bring my Motorbike ?

Sorry No ,  our events are for vehicles with 4 wheels only.

How much time do I get on the track ?

Heaps ! – We run 4 groups with each getting 10 minutes on the track at a time , generally each group gets 6 x 10 minute sessions , its very common for people to run out of fuel mid afternoon.

My car doesn’t have WOF and Rego can I still enter ?

Possibly ! – Email us with some details and we will see what we can do.

Will my car still be Insured ?

Unlikely , however some insurance companies do extend cover to Trackdays but it pays to check with your insurer.

How much does it cost to enter one of your Trackdays ?

Our entry fee is $120 per entry. ( some weekday events may be cheaper so read the information when you enter )

Can I have 2 Drivers ?

Yes – You can share 1 spot in 1 group alternating each time your group goes out – we just need an entry form from both drivers and for you to advise us by email that you are sharing.

Alternatively you can pay an entry fee for each driver and we can put you in seperate groups ie. 1 and 3 , giving you a chance to change and giving the car a rest between sessions.

Can I drive my friends car on the day ?

If you are both entered then that’s not a problem – Just please let us know before changing so we know who’s in what car at any time.

Can I take passengers ?

Only if you have a Full Roll Cage and appropriate Seats and Harness’s – Your passenger also needs to have Helmet and Overalls and fill in the passenger declaration.

Can I just use my work overalls ?

No , a minimum of a Single Layer Race Suit is required.

This needs to have an SFI 3.2A/1 rating as a minimum

We have Hire Race Suits – $40 and Hire Helmets – $20 available.

Can I use my Motorbike Helmet ?

Most likely Yes – It needs to be in good condition and have an approved standards label ( check the tech article on the Discussion Forum )

Approved Standards

Helmetstandards1 Helmetstandards2

I’ve entered but didn’t get an email ?

Check you spam / junk folders !  Also add our email address’s to your safe senders list to ensure you get our future emails

– entries@christchurchtrackdays.com

– admin@christchurchtrackdays.com

I haven’t had a confirmation email ? ( also see previous question )

– Have you paid ? – entries are only confirmed once we receive your entry fee.

Our account details are – Christchurch Trackdays –   03-1599-0107561-000   –  Entry Fee $120

If you have paid allow up to 48 hours for confirmation as this is a manual process , after that feel free to email and question us.

Where can I get Food or Fuel if I run out on the day ?

– We usually have a Mobile Coffee vendor on site for your caffeine fix.

– On our weekend events we try to have the Hot Food caravan open – This will be advised in each events info.

Alternatively there are plenty of locations within a few minutes drive – See the below map.